Although the term technology can be applied to any non-magical tool, it is really only practical to discuss the point of differences between how technology is viewed and what level of prowess each race has achieved.

Metallurgy and Smithing skills are prevalant among all the major races of Syklos with no single race holding a distinct advantage over any other. Rather many races have specialties. Dwarves for example, are known for heavy plate armor and axes, while Elves are known for light chain mail and fast blades.

Mechanical devices are seen with some regularity among the Dagmiri, but are seen with far greater frequency among the Dwarven Empire. Mechanical devices include relatively simple things, such as auto-loading crossbows, all the way to the ultra-modern self-propelled boat. Nearly all mechanical devices are more complex then mundane items and suffer from a good deal of unreliability. It is no surprise then that many races have a distrust for the things, and stick to devices that have no moving parts.

Alchemy is somewhere between magic and technology, and is seen by the uninitiated as falling into the former category. By the combination of certain volatile reagants, some alchemists are able to concoct potions that mimic magical spells or create substances that cannot be found naturally in Syklos. Alchemists are found among nearly every major race in small numbers are generally viewed no differently than practitioners of the magical arts. By those with opinions on the matter, Gnomes are often thought to make the best alchemists due to their keen noses and attention to detail.


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