The Dwarven Empire is a vast political entity that holds Kel’thos, Arent, and the Shadowlands. Though traditionally lead by the God-killer Helaim, there are nine houses headed by Dwarven nobility that handle most of the Empire’s bureaucracy.

House d’Thorn is the largest House of the Dwarven Empire and is in charge nominally of the religious practices of the Empire. In actuality, it pulls the strings behind many of the smaller houses. There is known animosity between the rulingmembers of the Order of Thorn and House d’Solace, the military house.

The Sylvan Alliance is the name of one organized rebellion against the Dwarven Empire in Kel’thos. Little is known about the Alliance, save that rumors place it in Western Kel’thos, near the site of the Solpor crater.

The Citadel is the meeting place and name of the governing council of Dagmir. The council is composed of elder leaders of politics, military, scholastic, and artisan professions of all races native to Dagmir. It has not been heard of since the end of The Great War.


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