Welcome to Syklos.

For millenia the dwarves stuck to the underworld while the surface was populated by other races. Then one day all across the continent of Kel’thos sinkholes swallowed cities and a Dwarven army swarmed out of every hole in the ground. The surface races called upon their deities and held back the invasion for some time, but eventually a champion rose from the ranks of the Dwarven army, a mortal capable of resisting the awesome might of the gods. One by one the patron deities of the surface fell to the wrath of the new Dwarven god, Helaim the conqueror.

After Helaim struck down the last of the deities, the divine powers granted to many of the races dried up. The so-called orphaned races were left without their divine magics and without hope. The forces of the surface races were quickly overwhelmed by the Dwarves superior magical and technological forces. The last days of free men were quickly drawing to an end. Frantic to escape the oncoming armies many attempted to evacuate their land but Helaim himself met their ships on the open water. All the ships were all destroyed. Out of the blood of the dead a prophecy was written in the water.

“We, the gods you have slain, will come again. We will be born mortal, but we will rise to take back what is ours. The days of your immortality is limited Helaim. We will return to take our place on the thrones above your court. We will judge you with an iron hand and separate you from your foolish followers. We will open their eyes and they will betray you. You, Helaim, will taste mortality before the worlds end.”

120 years have past, and the reign of the Dwarven Empire on Kel’thos shows no sign of ending. However as the Dwarven Empire continues to hunt all who openly oppose them, there are signs that a new order is being formed that is being protected by the last elf that remembers the gods and the old ways. Additionally, rumors abound that the Citadel and the inhabitants of Dagmir are preparing for war.

Syklos: Dusk

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